The Proof of concept

July 9, 2021

The KRABO® technology is tested with a Proof of Concept (PoC) board.

The KRABO® team developed the PoC in its laboratories to evaluate the performance of KRABO® technology. The PoC board contains all the components and features required to monitor the tension of a bolt in real-time. The board’s compact size is similar to the size of a mobile phone. A sensor mounted on the bolt head is connected to the board via cable. The PoC communicates the data with wireless technology to a personal computer.

Three different use cases are tested.Three different bolt p/n currently in production in Fontana Gruppo plants are selected for testing the KRABO® PoC: a wheel bolt M14x30, an infrastructure bolt M14x60, and a structural bolt M22x110. The tests are performed clamping the bolt with a reference load cell that can be used to calibrate and evaluate PoC performance. In this operation our engineers verified two indicators of KRABO® technology performances: the accuracy and linearity of tension measurement.

The test shows promising results.
The test performed in our laboratories showed that the KRABO® technology is capable of monitoring in real-time the bolt tension with high accuracy and high linearity in different application scenarios, from the automotive industry to civil engineering. Considering the promising achievement, KRABO® is currently working to transform the PoC into a miniaturized device to be inserted directly into the bolt and remove cables.

Test result. The PoC outputs a load which highly conforms to the output of the reference load cell.


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