First KRABO®
compatible bolt

December 3, 2021

The first bolt compatible with KRABO® technology has been manufactured.

Krabo aims to transform bolts and fasteners into smart and intelligent fasteners. This must be feasible in mass production with a robust and sustainable industrial process. This step is crucial in the growth of Krabo since the birth of the first industrial IoT-ready bolt demonstrates the power of Krabo’s vision.

The design is not affecting the integrity and the mechanical properties compared to the equivalent standard bolt.
This step is made possible by Fontana Gruppo, the main sponsor of Krabo.

Fontana Gruppo is the world leader in design and production of fasteners.

Krabo can rely on a huge technological background.
The birth of the first IoT-ready bolt in Fontana Gruppo demonstrates that Krabo can benefit from design knowledge, production capability, and expertise from a world leader group as Fontana Gruppo. Moreover, this sampling demonstrates that KRABO® technology may be compatible with already existing bolt standards into serial production.


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